DIY / Leather Trays

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that my jewelry collection has significantly grown since I launched the site. I'm around beautiful pieces all day and always finding myself needing the latest addition! My dresser has a plethora of jewelry scattered around it and I finally decided to tackle the issue. I found this diy off Remodelista and followed it loosely merely for the fact I didn't want to purchase anything I didn't absolutely need- making this an under $20 weekend project!
For the trays I used:
/ Various leather scraps I found at SAS fabrics - $10 for enough to make 8-10 trays
/ Metal rivets from Jo Ann (unfortunately they didn't have brass so I used silver) - $8 with coupon
/ Paper Cutter or scissors, Hammer and Nail (all on-hand)
Using similar method from Remodelista, I cut each scrap leather to various equal square and rectangle lengths. I then pinched each corner and marked the inside where the rivet should go. Using the nail and hammer I made holes for the rivets and proceeded to put rivets into each corner by following the directions on the rivet box. NOTE: The thinner the leather, the easier this is. Once you have all rivets in, you're done!
As you can see, I went a little tray crazy. I think these would make great DIY gifts for the holidays- maybe to go along with a piece of jewelry from FLCO? ;)

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