Herbivore Botanicals

My workspace smells so good thanks to our newest apothecary arrival, Herbivore Botanicals! I've been eyeing this brand for awhile and with my friend in Seattle as their new wholesale rep, it was time to bring it into the shop! Not only do these products look amazing on your counter (yes, I think of these things!) they are 100% natural; made from essentials vitamins, minerals and botanicals. If you're trying to figure out the right products for you, see below!
Normal/Dry/Sensitive: Brighten Mask, Pink Clay Mask and Soap
Bonus for all: Sea Mist Hair Spray, Coconut Milk Bath Soak, Calm Bath Salts and Rose Lip Butter
Other favorites shown: Consider the Wldflwrs Necklace, Favor Ring, Nikki Montoya Rose Gold Rings and Bar Earrings

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