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When I decided to try out an apothecary line for the shop, it didn't take me long to decide that I wanted it to be Aster & Bay. As a husband and wife team, they create all of these products in small batches made out of high quality, wild-harvested ingredients. I read descriptions of each item and instantly wanted to try every product myself (something I think is important). A month or so later and the products were here! That evening, I picked out some items and thought it would be nice to use regularly and report back with some notes.
See below for a little bit about the face regimen I'm currently doing!
I start out with the Cleansing Oil and put about a quarter size (3-4 pumps) in my hand and massage into my face. Then I place a warm wash cloth on my face for a few seconds and use the cloth to wipe off any dirt, makeup, etc. I found that this takes off my makeup better than my usual cleanser + feels great!
When I need to exfoliate, I take the Dandelion Face Grains and put a small amount into a bowl, add a couple drops of water (you can also use the cleansing oil above) mix with my finger, then apply to my face. Massage around and wash off/pat face dry.
Once my face is dry I spritz this Brightening Toner all over and wipe any excess with a cotton pad. At this point my face feels really fresh and hydrated. 
I follow with the Eye Serum and massage with my ring finger (always be delicate around the eye area). With the dry heat in Arizona, this helps really hydrate my eye area, while hopefully combatting those fine lines and wrinkles I may get down the road... I'm a quarter of a century you know!
I love this Facial Serum. I take around 4-5 drops and massage into my face and neck. I bought this particular serum because of it's focus on oily, blemished skin- which has recently been a problem with my own skin. 
This simple Lip Stain is one of my favorites yet. Such an organic smell with a lovely light color for summer. 
After these steps, I don't even feel like my face needs moisturizer, which I cannot stand NOT applying usually. I've already noticed a difference with how my skin looks, makeup goes on, etc. So far I'm loving these products so much!
There are three other products I haven't tried (trying to not be greedy)- if you try tell me what you think!
Hope you enjoyed my little run-through of Aster & Bay! 

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